A Flexible Platform

Benefit Enrollment Services

As our leading enrollment solution, the myUnivers™ web-based platform provides a full suite of benefits education, enrollment and administration services. The platform works equally well when used as a standalone solution or when used in conjunction with your current HRIS system.

myUnivers™ serves as a central repository for clean, real-time employee benefits data and features comprehensive transactional tools. As a critical piece of our benefit communications, enrollment and administration process, the myUnivers™ platform features the following special modules:

  • The myUnivers Learn™ module is available 24/7 as an online portal that gives employees access to benefits education and decision support tools.
  • The myUnivers Enroll™ module makes it easy for employees to make their benefit elections cleanly and with minimal error.
  • myUnivers Manage™ is used by our employees, clients and partners throughout implementation and enrollment planning, making project management information readily available.

Our benefit counselors use the same system as the backbone of our face-to-face and Enrollment Center services – ensuring that employees learn about their benefits and make benefit elections in a consistent, easy to understand manner, regardless of their chosen enrollment method.

Versatile Benefit Enrollment Methods

We provide multiple benefit enrollment options to meet the needs of all employees, whether remote or part of a large facility.


Onsite Counselor-Assisted Enrollment:
Employees can meet with a certified benefits counselor at their work location.


Telephonic Counselor-Assisted Enrollment Center:
Employees can speak with a certified benefits counselor via a dedicated 1-800 number.

Self-Service Web Enrollment:
Employees can access an easy-to-use employee self-service system (with Telephonic Counselor Assistance available).

“From first concept to the ongoing evolution of the myUnivers™ platform, we envisioned a highly flexible suite of tools that not only provides a sequential flow of education and enrollment, but also day-to-day project management tools to ensure that the open enrollment milestones meet planned expectations. In addition, we have developed an interface expertise for clients with existing HRIS systems to maximize the effectiveness and value of all investments.”

– Sean Lacey, Chief Technology Officer