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Benefit Administration Solutions

When it comes to online employee benefits administration, you need reliability and ease of use. The myUnivers BenAdmin™ platform provides these two essential features, but takes it a step further.


Our platform, processes and procedures are certified.


Use our myUnivers BenAdmin™ system to conduct the daily business of benefits administration, including: eligibility changes, life event enrollments, administrator approvals and billing reconciliation and reporting.

The myUnivers BenAdmin™ system interfaces with your payroll system and provides a HIPAA-compliant interface with hundreds of insurance and administrative vendors. The myUnivers BenAdmin™ technology platform is backed by our experienced technology consultants, who work closely with the major payroll system providers and have extensive experience in data integration with the nation’s major insurance carriers.

Our billing reconciliation module allows clients to upload a vendor bill for comparison to current data and recent transactional activity such as additions, terminations and retroactive adjustments.

“The benefits administration industry has matured over the past 20 years. Providers understand that investing in a quality system is not only critical, but actually costs less in the long run. The next evolution is delivering the high quality customers expect, along with the flexibility employers require to meet the everyday needs of their business. Univers delivers both – investing in our people and thinking ‘outside the box’ when it comes to our proprietary technologies.”

– Bryan Morens, Senior Vice President, Product Development and Operations