Award-Winning Strategies

Employee Benefits Education and Engagement

Univers creates customized benefits education and engagement strategies that help employees understand their benefit options, empowering them to make educated decisions and enhancing their appreciation for their employer-sponsored benefits.

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1. Strategic Planning

Though all campaigns are different in content, design and delivery, each has one thing in common: they start with a plan. Strategic planning is conducted by seasoned marketing professionals who focus on a client’s primary objectives.

2. Award-Winning Work

All content and design is developed by our in-house team, and each project is managed by a dedicated benefit communications consultant. Univers also handles the print and fulfillment of all materials.

3. Highly Effective Campaigns

In the end, clients have a professionally written and designed campaign that focuses on their specific benefit communications objectives.

“The days of simply notifying employees about new concepts and organizational change are over. Employers now must market to their workforce. That means developing convincing messages tailored to different internal constituencies, incorporating content and creative design that grabs their attention, as well as using a variety of channels – both digital and print – to deliver it all in a way that is most convenient for employees to absorb.”

– Ralph Morano, Senior Vice President, Communications