Flexible Benefit Solutions Modules

Custom Benefit Solutions

The Univers business model offers flexible custom benefit solutions. This could include an educational benefits campaign design, employee call center support services, a customized employee benefits engagement survey, a DELVE dependent eligibility verification audit and more.

Our clients have a critical advantage when working with our Lead Consultants – the Univers data warehouse.

With more than 20 million benefit enrollments conducted on the myUnivers™ enrollment platform, we can slice and dice our data to analyze trends, offer benchmarking insights and support client objectives using qualitative data analysis, from industry to employee demographics.

ACA Solutions

Univers offers our clients an award-winning, interactive platform for healthcare reform related benefits education and decision support. Utilizing print materials, digital content, mobile applications, social media and one-on-one benefits education, the platform allows employers to communicate key requirements of the ACA in an “easy to understand” format for employees.

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Dependent Eligibility and Verification Audit

Our DELVE dependent eligibility audit is an effective strategy for employers to eliminate unnecessary spending and improve benefits-related regulation compliance. We have the people, tools and specialized resources to help your company conduct an effective benefit eligibility verification that will result in the most effective outcome and maximum ROI. Most companies find that between 3-10 percent of enrolled dependents are not eligible for benefits coverage.

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Employee Feedback and Engagement

Our employee surveys and benchmark analytic tools use information obtained directly from employees during annual open enrollment to provide employers with important insights on current employee satisfaction. Our predictive modeling tools, created by experts in the field of organizational psychology, analyze employee feedback and identify the highest leveraged opportunities for change that will improve employee retention, ROI of the enrollment process and the value of future benefit offerings.

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“Our consultants have extensive and diverse expertise in forging benefit solutions for employers with 1,000 employees to those with over 100,000 employees – and across a broad spectrum of industries. The key to a thoughtful design and outcome for our clients is data – and we have lots of it.” – Dani McCauley, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing