Featured Employee Benefits Case Study

Time for a change…

Early in 2014, this health system’s Human Resources department reviewed benefit plans and enrollment processes.


About the Client

An award-winning community-based Catholic health system that provides high-quality, cost-effective health services in South Central Pennsylvania. This system incorporates primary and specialty care physician offices, diagnostic outpatient centers, home healthcare and ambulatory services. There are more than 2,800 total employees across the system.



The health system realized they had multiple voluntary offerings and multiple insurance carriers, employees didn’t appreciate or understand their benefits portfolio and passive annual enrollments weren’t helping them achieve their goals. They were also upgrading to a new benefits administration system and wanted migrated data to be current and accurate.

They realized they needed an experienced benefits enrollment partner to help with a dynamic project aimed at improving processes, conducting an active benefits enrollment, educating employees and consolidating coverage with fewer insurance carriers.

Ensuring a Smooth
Open Enrollment Process

Robert Townsend, Vice President of Account Management at Corporate Synergies Group (CSG) and the client’s insurance broker and consultant on the project said, “Univers was very thorough and dug deep to best understand our client’s objectives. They conducted weekly implementation calls with all vested parties to ensure logistics, and every plan detail was discussed. All of us mutually agreed to the plan of action.” Townsend also stated, “Univers walked us through the entire process and encouraged us to participate in benefit counselor training.”

Open Enrollment Objectives

  • Active Open Enrollment, whereby all employees were required to elect or decline benefits
  • Educate employees so they better understood their options and could make informed decisions
  • Data Cleanse – ensure all employee demographic data was accurate and current
  • Soft Dependent Audit – identify any employee or dependents that should not be covered
  • Migration to a new benefits administration system
  • Increase participation in Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHPs) and other existing offerings
    Consolidation of various carriers to one Worksite Voluntary Benefits Carrier

Univers Solutions

  • Established a dedicated 1-800 # for all eligible employees to utilize
    • Ensured every employee had an opportunity to complete their enrollment
    • An Alpha Listing Enrollment Schedule accommodated three shifts
  • Collaborated with CSG to provide customized multi-media employee benefits communications
  • Univers Benefits Counselors helped employees throughout the enrollment process
    • Confirmed and updated employee and dependent demographic data
    • Explained benefit options and how voluntary benefits complemented core plans
  • Provided detailed daily enrollment reports, identifying trends and deploying contingency plans to ensure all goals and objectives were achieved


Results Exceeded Expectations

Open Enrollment was a success! Univers educated employees, cleansed demographic data and increased plan participation. Employees were highly satisfied with the process and significant potential savings were identified.

casestudy-stats_0001_Layer Comp 293% of benefit eligible employees completed their enrollment

casestudy-stats_0003_Layer Comp 4Univers’ Enrollment Center received over 2,700 calls

casestudy-stats_0002_Layer Comp 3

An Active Dependent Audit identified 97 dependents as potentially ineligible – a potential net savings of $197,000

casestudy-stats_0000_Layer Comp 1

  • High Deductible Health plan participation increased
  • Supplemental Term Life participation increased
  • Voluntary Long Term Disability participation increased

According to Univers’ post open enrollment client survey:

“We received everything we were promised and more.”

“Univers was proactive with meaningful recommendations and extremely responsive.”

“An overwhelming majority of employees were extremely satisfied and felt Univers added value to the enrollment process and did an ‘outstanding’ job of providing them with an overview and understanding of benefits available to them.”

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