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Univers Workplace Solutions Launches LinkedIn Group for Benefit Counselors

March 9, 2015

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Hammonton, NJ – Univers Workplace Solutions, the nation’s leading benefit education, enrollment and administration solutions provider, has announced the launch of a LinkedIn Group specifically for its benefit counselors. The mission of the Group is to engage the Univers benefit counselor community by providing valuable information to enhance the practice of quality enrollment communications.

Working with employers, Univers helps employers provide their employees with the most comprehensive understanding of their benefits so they can make the most informed choices for themselves and their families. Each Univers benefit counselor receives an unprecedented level of extensive in-house training and is required to be Univers Certified – the first and foremost accreditation process in the industry.

According to Kathy Caccese, chief human resources officer and senior vice president of benefit counselor operations for Univers, “We are excited to introduce the Benefit Counselor LinkedIn Group and look forward to providing benefit professionals a forum for sharing industry-related information and resources.”

For more information about Univers and their benefit counselors, contact Cathy Shea at (856) 642-6226, or visit

About Univers Workplace Solutions

The nation’s leading benefit communications, enrollment and administration solutions provider, Univers Workplace Solutions is dedicated to elevating the benefit knowledge and enrollment experience of the nation’s workforce.  Headquartered in Hammonton, New Jersey, Univers has offices in Orlando (FL), Irvine (CA) and Alpharetta (GA). For more information, visit